• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Value Improvement System of Services toward Long Term Vision

Michihiro Amagasa
(Hokkai Gakuen University, Japan)
Abstract: Under today’s competitive business situation, it is indispensable for corporations to expedite the value improvement for services and provide fine products satisfying the required function with reasonable costs. In this paper, we provide the management system possessing dynamic variables on the basis of value engineering and the systems approach for the value improvement of services, which is regarded as an ill-defined problem with fuzziness. The distinctive features in this study are to be able to perform the value improvement of services from the long-term viewpoint. Finally, in order to show how the proposed system works, a practical example on the value improvement of services is illustrated and its validity is examined.
Key words: customer satisfaction; function block diagram; services; uncertainty; value improvement
JEL codes: M

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