• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Behavioral Economic, Rationality and Islamic Ethics

Zoheir Tafer, Ahmed Boussahmine, Samiha Bouanini
(University of Bechar, Algeria)
Abstract: This work consists essentially of a comparative approach between behaviors and manners recommended by Islam and methods derived from Western experiences likely to avoid these biases (nudges). Moreover, in each case, this study tried to do corollary with Quranic verses and hadith to show that the life style recognized by Islamic healthy enough and far away from the negative image conveyed by extremists. The conclusion of this study is the habits and behavior preached by Islam, it doesn’t aim to make the man slave of a rigid doctrine of the Middle Ages, but instead, it’s healthy, peaceful and civilized behavior demonstrated by the experiences of behaviorists and aimed mainly to prevent the individual and society the misdeeds of a materialistic and selfish society. This work will be an invitation to Muslim scholars in the social sciences and economics in particular to be more interested in experimental and behavioral economics.
Key words: behavioral economics; bounded rationality; compartmental biases; Islamic ethics
JEL codes: C91, C92, D01, D11

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