• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Success Factors in Decision Making and Negotiation Processes for Raw

Material Supply Transactions

Mag. Alexander Stelzer LLM LLM
(University Riga, Latvia)
Abstract: Scientific Study on the economic and especially the psychosocial factors of success in negotiation processes between buyers (procurers) and suppliers (producers) in the food trade. In particular it examines the economic and mental satisfaction in the decision-making and in the negotiation processes for efficient food supply. It is examined primarily as transparency in addition to Harvard concept at annual meetings (or between the year) favoring a satisfactory result for both negotiators. In a structural equation model, the Harvard negotiating points are brought with transparency in communication and this in terms of economic success experiences and the sociomental satisfaction.
Key words: decision theory; negotiation theory; negotiation optimization; satisfaction
JEL codes: D30, D47, F12, F14, F18, F40, L11, Q00

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