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  • Journal of Business and Economics

The Tax policy of Georgia and the Possible Ways for Its Improvement

Tamta Turashvili
(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia)
Abstract: This paper aims to examine the tax policy of Georgia, because correctly chosen tax policy is very important to solve the main tasks of the state and promote its economic growth. Recently, due to the current situation, we believe that Georgian tax policy needs to be reformed and based on foreign experience. We present a research about changing tax policy of Georgia for years. Also, we think, that in order to achieve the main goals of the state, we should determine the optimal ratio between tax policy functions. In this paper discusses the types of taxes in Georgia. In our opinion, in Georgia, where the majority of population is under the poverty level, indirect taxes lowers the living standards even more. Indirect taxes will play a big role in forming the state budget revenues until it is replaced by direct taxes. The first chapter is devoted to the introduction. The second chapter includes a literature review. The third part is devoted to the methodology and characteristics of the used data. The following section are main part of the text, which includes research and discussion. The fifth chapter is dedicated to a conclusion.
Key words: taxes; tax policy; budget revenues; decentralization; tax differentiation
JEL codes: H2, H3, H7

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