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Managing Human Energy at the Workplace: A Case Study of a Public

Organization in Egypt


Randa El Bedawy1, Aya Maher2
(1. Misr International University (MIU), Cairo, Egypt; 2. The German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt)
Abstract: The objective of this exploratory study is to investigate in depth the factors that can cause drainage of human energy on the individual and organizational level in public organizations in Egypt. The study also aims to come up with the recommended organizational strategies for managing human energy drainage in these organizations. The significance of the study lies in the fact that human energy constitute a real crises in most public organizations in Egypt affecting employees’ performance and productivity, an issue which has been of a major governmental concern ever since the 25th January Revolution and the birth of New Egypt. The research question will then focus on: What are the factors affecting human energy drainage at the workplace in public organizations in Egypt and the recommended organizational strategies for managing these factors? To answer this question, the researchers will conduct a case study on “Markaz Idad EL Kadah” (Markaz) or Leadership and Management Development Center (LMDC) which is one of the public organizations responsible for leaders training and development in Egypt. In this study, the researchers will focus only on the organizational factors (and not the individual factors) that affect human energy drainage like: the environmental factors, work load, promotional system and availability of fund for training and development because of the difficulty encountered in collecting quantitative data from public organizations at the present time for the political instability taking place in the country. The methodology used in data collection will be through conducting a qualitative unstructured in depth interviews individually and in focus groups with the top six executives of the Markaz in addition to some of their employees to investigate their organizational strategies for managing their employee’s energy, in addition to the observation method used by the researchers.
Key words: burn out; human crises; human drainage; human energy; human resource management
JEL codes: M12


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