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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Project Management Tools and Techniques for Effective Project Execution

Larry Enoch Jowah
(Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa)
Abstract: The aim of the research was to identify the use of project management tools and techniques within generic project management structures. The researcher makes the assumption that project management is clearly distinguishable from other forms of management, i.e., general management and operations management. The difference therefore presupposes that the tools and the techniques required for effective project management inevitably differ from those necessary for the routine management reminiscent of other forms of functional management. Projects are known for their failure rate, this necessitates research into commonly used tools and techniques that contribute to the status quo in project management and execution. Structured instruments in the form of questionnaires were used to collect information from the project managers and project team members closely involved in project execution. Respondents were drawn from all forms of projects, but largely from IT and Construction industries as these were easy to identify and more readily accessible. The questionnaire started by identifying the role played by the respondents, their understanding of the key tools under survey, and their evaluation of the importance of these tools, namely; Gantt chart, work breakdown structures and critical path method. The findings will assist in the teaching of tools and techniques for effective project management in institutions of higher learning. Further to that, this research opens an opportunity for a possible follow up on why the respondents would prefer certain tools for effective project management. The research seems to indicate a strong link towards the use of certain tools in place of others.
Key words: tools; techniques; project management; Gantt chart; work breakdown structure and critical path
method (analysis)
JEL codes: M00, M1

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