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Luxury Brands Perceptions: An Applied Research to the Spanish Luxury

Fragrances Market

Mónica Díaz-Bustamante Ventisca1, Sonia Laura Carcelén García1, María Puelles Gallo2
(1. Marketing and Market Research Department, Communication Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain;
2. Economics and Business Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Abstract: This paper reviews the literature about the perceptions of luxury brands and brand identity, image and positioning concepts and proposes a model to study the image and positioning of luxury-fragrance brands. The research follows three stages: (1) a desk study of general luxury market, and one particular luxury fragrance, and literature on perceptions of luxury brands, brand identity, image and positioning; (2) qualitative empirical research using focus groups of luxury-fragrance consumers, whose results were validated by professionals of the luxury perfumery sector; (3) quantitative empirical research executed by a survey of luxury-fragrance consumers, whose results corroborated the proposed model. The image attributes of luxury-fragrance brands are identified, and a scale built and used to measure and analyze the brands’ image and positioning in a luxury-fragrance competitor context. The image of the ideal brand is determined, confirming that none of the brands studied approximated to the ideal brand in the key attributes for consumers. The study is conducted in Spain, and the brands are selected based on the ranking of the Spanish luxury-fragrances market. Thus, the brands studied should extend the model’s usefulness by applying it in different territories and competitor contexts. The model will allow luxury-fragrance brands to modify their image, and improve their market position to better match the ideal brand as perceived by consumers. Additionally, the model extends the literature on perceptions of brands, thereby overcoming the limitations of some existing models.
Key words: luxury, perceptions, fragrances, brand image and positioning
JEL code: M3

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