• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

The Effect of Student Stressors in Academic Life on Their Performance

Rajamanthri Senani D.
(Monash College, Monash University, 49 Rainforest Walk. Clayton 3800, Vic. Australia)
Abstract: The available research indicates that the occurrence of stress is increasing among students studying in higher education. Issues such as student retention and student progression are becoming increasingly important for all universities and there are a significant number of studies that have examined stress. This paper critically reviews, researches and identifies several issues affecting student performance due to their stressors. Methodology utilized in this study was a questionnaire, followed by a focus group discussion. Full-time undergraduates were the subjects of this study and their reflections were also embedded in the analysis. Findings reveal that working as part time, family concerns, cultural and language issues along with financial worries were the main stressors faced by students which hindered their performance at the onset of the semester. However, this study reveals that none of the stress factors mentioned above has a significant effect on the overall academic performance of the students. Nevertheless, upon revealing student reflections, it was noted that students opt to settle for lower ambitions in grades to manage their stressors.
Key words: student stressors in higher education, issues affecting academic performance
JEL codes: M, M1, M120, I

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