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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Cultural Diversity and Effective Organizational Communication

Anwar Abdulaziz Almutairi, Muneera Adnan Alhaddad, Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani
(Kuwait University, 71953, Kaifan, Kuwait)
Abstract: The significance of cultural diversity has been widely debated in the field of organizational communication, with researchers arguing that minds have cultural contributions besides cognitive ones. Culture is basically defined as a set of shared knowledge, behavior, views, and values, whereas effective communication is defined as an exchange of information that fosters relationships and outcomes. Cultural diversity can be a double-edged sword for organizations; it has long been the key to major success or the cause of great failure. Published literature and experts’ observations indicate that cultural diversity can enhance organizational productivity, because often this diversity sparks competition. Sometimes, however, it can cause frustration, having a great impact on how people feel and how they respond. The topic of communication among cultures is vital, because effective sharing of information is essential for large conglomerates that operate around the globe. This paper addresses how cultural diversity and organizational communication are related. Using the content analysis method, this paper reviews the relevant published literature and deduces the main themes in cultural diversity and effective communication. The probable findings are: (a) culture is becoming more and more diverse, no matter where the organization is located; and (b) effective organizational communication is as much a cultural-oriented as it is a skill-oriented process. The paper concludes with relevant recommendations, including designing training courses for culture-oriented communication for all levels of personnel.
Key words: culture; cultural diversity; effective organizational communication; diversity training
JEL code: M100

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