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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Sustainable Development Strategies of Mashtan Hotel:

Evidence from Bahrain

Andres A. Regondola
(AMA International University-Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain)
Abstract: The sustainability of an organization implies satisfaction of its economic (profit), social (people), and environmental (planet) conditions. In the hospitality industry, well known hotels had strategically started implementing various environment-friendly technologies purposely to differentiate its service offerings and outpace its competition. Specifically, at the Mashtan Hotel, its business strategies which were designed to establish and create value and clear organizational direction have been anchored on environmental quality, technology utilization and service quality. Too empirically, the study aims to assess the level of effectiveness of strategy practices and customer satisfaction of the four star hotels and its relevance to sustainable development evidence from Bahrain, a descriptive research was conducted. Primarily data were gathered using a questionnaire accomplished by the employees and clients of Mashtan Hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With the aid of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), the Pearson Product Moment Coefficient was used to analyze the significant relationship between the level of effectiveness and satisfaction of sustainable development strategies of Mashtan Hotel in terms of environmental quality, technology utilization and service quality based on the perception of the respondents. The research showed that the level of environmental awareness and trend of sustainability management by the hotel industries here in Bahrain takes on higher positively with various importance of environmental awareness. While the initiatives have been converted into some increases in
environmental management, technology utilization and service quality of hotels particularly when comes to the development strategies and still to be maximized and scope for improvement. On the basis of the research findings, it is recommended that in order to sustain the hotel’s development efforts, the management should continue to deepen its resonating function by clearly communicating the reasons for and the benefits of adhering to the organizational policy relative to environmental quality, technology utilization and service quality. Specifically, the employees maybe trained more in the proper and effective way of carrying out the process. In addition, recognition of the employees’ contribution to the efficient and effective attainment of this organizational goal maybe given to sustain their interest and efforts.
Key words: environmental quality; technology utilization and service quality
JEL codes: M16, M10


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