• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

 Design and Marketing Positioning: The Contribution of Implicit Cognition

Imène Belboula, Claire-Lise Ackermann, Jean-Pierre Mathieu
(University of Blida 2, Algeria)
Abstract: One of the main problems faced by marketers is the divergence between desired positioning and perceived positioning. While the former is based on the objectives of the company, the second is partly dependent on the perception of design by consumers. Positioning perception induced by product design is most of the time implicit; i.e., stemming from an automatic and unconscious cognitive process. We use implicit social cognition as a theoretical and methodological framework to measure the impact of product design on perceived positioning. Research implication and managerial applications are discussed.
Key words: design; positioning; implicit cognition; semantic priming
JEL code: M3

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