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  • Journal of Business and Economics

 The Role and Importance of Writing in Advertising


Afërdita Nimani
(European University of Tirana, Albania and “Biznesi” College, Gjakove, Kosovo)
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to reflect the role and importance of writing in advertising, frontline factors to this phenomenon, objectives, forms of presentation and advertising of a product to the public. In this regard, stationery and normative aesthetics is a wide range of national and more importantly, to advertise. In particular Mountain Tourism, which is about transparency and presentation of advertising in general that always has an essential role, a real publicity to succeed. Each transparency was presented through the script, wanted to be articulate and precise visuals, good so the f to be satisfied, for expenses incurred. The role of writing has a great importance here. Explicate site, if it is written in accordance selected and linguistic norms, first, as is proclaimed and qualitative proved, how serious is the truth, as has verified the performance results shown in this kind of advertising. So, these are the essential features and characteristics to achieve the highest possible degree of realism of goals, development goals designed cautiously. Transparency advertising becomes even between different electronic media. The art of writing in advertising is essential to attract, to make them more approachable, motivated and more confident as users, consumers, after trials indicated experience in advertising and organization. Surely this will result and will significantly advance the reliability and convincing the clients. While on the other hand will provide development and quality of results required and successful. The connections of these have a close connection to literary writing, aesthetic and scientific life, is essential phenomenon which shows a picture quite serious and important business.
Key words: advertising; tourism; media; art of writing; the customer
JEL code: I2


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