• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in Taiwan Basic Education

Ching Shan Wu1, Robin Jung-Cheng Chen2
(1. Graduate School of Educational Administration and Evaluation, University of Taipei, Taiwan;
2. Department of Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Abstract: The study adopted Fuzzy Delphi method to set up KPIs (key performance indicators) in Taiwan basic education by collecting 12 expert scholars opinions on a questionnaire developed from various literature review. Among the 37 indicators constructed in this study, the top five perceived by the experts as most important had Gi values > 8.75. From the highest to the lowest, these indicators were “Learning achievement performance: Student learning performance in various learning domains”, “Parental satisfaction: Parent satisfaction toward school”, “Physical fitness performance: Degree of student performance beyond standard criteria for physical fitness tests”, “3-3-2 School reputation: Degree of high regard of community (society) for the school”, and “School culture: Degree of warmth and care exhibited by school personnel”.

Key words: KPIs, basic education, governance

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