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1. Problem Solving in the Workplace through Application of Business Knowledge and Quantitative Methods
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/001    Author:    Robert T. Barrett, Samuel H. Tolbert, pp. 937-944  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:40:36 AM
2. Problems with Alternative Medicines in the Health Care Setting: From Nurses’ Experience
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/002    Author:    Dennis Emmett, pp. 945-950  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:38:45 AM
3. European Social Model—A Parting of Ways?
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/003    Author:    Mirka Wildmannová, pp. 951-957  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:36:55 AM
4. Business Performance vs. Statements by CEOs in Annual Reports: Evidence from the Japanese Electronics Industry
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/004    Author:    Toshiro Kita, Masaharu Yoshii, pp. 958-971  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:34:29 AM
5. Specially Incorporated Transportation Companies in the United States to 1860: A Comprehensive Tabulation and Its Implications
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/005    Author:    Robert E. Wright, pp. 972-989  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:32:21 AM
6. Human Resource Factors Influencing Employee Performance in Garment Manufacturing Firms (GMF) in Delhi/NCR
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/006    Author:    Suruchi Mittar, Sibichan K. Mathew, pp. 990-1002  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:30:18 AM
7. Manufacturers, Screeners, Users, and Scientists: Producing and Circulating Information and Knowledge about Equipment
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/007    Author:    Monique Lortie, Angel Alberto Toyos Alvarez, Steve Vezeau, Maud Gonella, pp. 1003-1011  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:27:49 AM
8. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right: Towards a New Copyright Protection System
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/008    Author:    Pedro Letai, pp. 1012-1028  
Published online:9/16/2014 11:25:09 AM
9. Empirical Modeling of Direct Real Estate Ex Ante Systematic Risk and Total Risk Behavior under the Duration Risk, Time-varying Risk and Garch Risk
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/009    Author:    Ho Kim Hin/David, Li Yun/Max, pp. 1029-1051  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:54:43 AM
10. Supply Chain Management—Part of Strategic Management
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/010    Author:    Klaus Venus, pp. 1052-1067  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:52:27 AM
11. A Model of Optimal Dividend Policy to Maximize Shareholder Wealth: When Taxes are Considered
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/011    Author:    Tor Brunzell, Sören Holm, Bengt Jonsson, pp. 1068-1078  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:46:09 AM
12. The Contrast between Mainstream and Heterodox Economics: A Misleading Controversy—“Necessary” System versus “Natural” System
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/012    Author:    Angelo Fusari, pp. 1077-1091  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:43:51 AM
13. Success Factors of Shop-in-Shop—An Empirical Analysis at the Example of a Domestic Appliances Manufacturer
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/013    Author:    Marc. M. Kuhn, Katharina Beine, pp. 1092-1097  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:38:52 AM
14. An Administrative Perspective on Intellectual Contributions for AACSB Schools: A Note on the Importance and Measurement of Research Impact
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/014    Author:    K. Michael Casey, Gary Linn, Michael Hargis, pp. 1098-1104  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:36:24 AM
15. Introducing the Enneagram to the Business Realm
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/015    Author:    Sherry Andre, pp. 1105-1108  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:32:58 AM
16. Critical Thinking: The Missing Link in Business Management Education
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/016    Author:    Phyllis R. Anderson, Joanne R. Reid, pp. 1109-1133  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:30:30 AM
17. Transparency and Risk Assessment Reporting: A Case Study Sector Survey of Cybercrime Disclosures
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/017    Author:    A. J. Stagliano, George P. Sillup, pp. 1134-1140  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:28:24 AM
18. The Use of Qualitative Methods in the Research on the Impact of Psychic Distance on Companies’ Internationalization: Company X Case
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/018    Author:    Aleksandra Nizielska, pp. 1141-1163  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:25:51 AM
19. Effect of Local Business Culture on SME Outsourcing Choice by TNCs in Uganda
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/019    Author:    Geoffrey Bakunda, pp. 1164-1173  
Published online:9/16/2014 10:23:02 AM
20. Comparative Analysis of the Economic Assessment of Energy Potential for the Sustainable Development: “Energy Green” at Bridges, Fields and Overbridges
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/07.05.2014/020    Author:    Mihajlović Božidar, Snežana Kirin, pp. 1174-1188  
Published online:9/16/2014 9:36:51 AM

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