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1. Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
Author:    Saura C. Sahu, and A. Wallace Hayes  Full-Text PDF  2022/6/30 22:16:56
DOI:10.15341/jmh(2155-7977)/01.01.2022/001,  Downloads: 9
2. Dual-Factor Model of Mental Health: Latent Growth Curve Analyses of Psychosocial Outcomes Among Japanese Adolescents
Author:    Naomi Yoshitake, and Masumi Sugawara  Full-Text PDF  2022/6/30 22:14:01
DOI:10.15341/jmh(2155-7977)/01.01.2022/002,  Downloads: 4
3. Effectiveness Analysis of Maternal and Child Health ODA Project in Tanzania: Analysis of the Effect of Education Satisfaction on Transfer of Learning
Author:    Eunmi Song, and Jin Won Noh  Full-Text PDF  2022/6/30 22:08:25
DOI:10.15341/jmh(2155-7977)/01.01.2022/003,  Downloads: 3
4. Family Communication With Adolescent Children Integrative Literature Review
Author:    Dora Machado, Angélica Santos, Fernanda Pinto, Ana Laura, Manuel Brás, and Assunção Almeida  Full-Text PDF  2022/6/30 22:04:26
DOI:10.15341/jmh(2155-7977)/01.01.2022/004,  Downloads: 4
5. Analysis of the Relationship Between Oral Pathologies and Oral Hygiene of First-Year Students
Author:    Genovaite Kazlauskiene, Zibuokle Senikiene, and Daiva Maciuliene  Full-Text PDF  2022/6/30 22:00:34
DOI:10.15341/jmh(2155-7977)/01.01.2022/005,  Downloads: 12

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