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  • Modern Agricultural Science and Technology

Agriculture and the Consumption of Water

Dienifer Calegari Leopoldino Guimarães1, and Selma Clara de Lima2

1. Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Brazil

2. FAESA and Civil Engineer, MULTIVIX, Brazil


Abstract: This study has the purpose to present the impact of agriculture on the consumption of water as an essential source to the productivity of agrobusiness. The research was made of a bibliographic research, using as reference relevant sources as scientific magazines and digital reports of global organizations that support researches and diagnostics about the themes of agriculture and water. The results show that agriculture is dependent on the availability of water, in which irrigation is the main factor of high consumption and productivity. However, in conclusion, this economic activity still lacks advances in technology, legislation and environmental awareness.


Key words: hydric resources, water, agrobusiness, consumption

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