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Agroecological Applications in the Home Garden: Achievements and Opportunities

AnĂ­bal Quispe Limaylla

Postgraduate College, Campus Montecillo, Mexico

Abstract: Poverty and the low levelsof food security for large segments of rural population in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) continue to be a problem that requires a solution. This problem is mostly related to families that practice small-scale agriculture with low levels of production despite their high productive potential. Recent experiences, although not sufficient, indicate that the use of agroecological principles in small-scale production units; food can be produced in greater quantity and quality than if conventional procedures were used. With the purpose of confirming and improving these points, a process of systematic application of these principles in the family garden was undertaken five years ago. The general method was the action research, which included particular methods such as experimentation (trial and error) and systematization of experiences. This report summarizes the actions carried out, the achievements attained, the weaknesses perceived and the impact generated. It is concluded that it is possible to produce healthy and nutritious food in high yields implementing agroecological procedures in small areas, such as the home garden, in a continuous and sustained way to contribute to the family diet and generate income from the sale of surpluses.

Key words: sustainable agriculture, family farming, ecotechnology

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