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Urban Agriculture as A Strategy for Local Development in Tabarre, Haiti

Kente Fragelus, and Ricardo Ângelo Pereira de Lima

Universidade Federal do Pará, Brazil

Abstract: The municipality of Tabarre, Haiti, was considered rural, but has rapidly urbanized over the past two decades due to population growth. In this way, urban agriculture has become a necessity for some people, and also a potential for the economy of this municipality. This article aims to present the potential of urban agriculture for the economy of Tabarre and also how this activity can contribute to fighting poverty. The methodology had a qualitative and quantitative approach. A bibliographic review relevant to the theme was adopted and also a statistical analysis based on data provided by the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics and the National Coordination of Food Security. The results demonstrate that urban agriculture presents a potential for the economy in the generation of employment, income, food availability, in the fight against climate change, as well as in the local development. Thus, urban agriculture remains an advantage for the city and will continue to be in the future. Therefore, studies should be carried out in this area to take advantage of the potential of urban agriculture. In addition, decision makers should develop public policies that will encourage this activity to generate more profits for the well-being of the population.

Key words: urban agriculture, fighting poverty, Tabarre, Haiti

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