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Effect of Adding Fiber from SeraiKayu (Eugenia
Polyantha) Waste on Organoleptic Characteristic and
Sensory Evaluation of Cracker

Iman Abdullah, Nordalilah Wahab, and Husna Hawa Mohd Hassan

Food Technology Department,Polytechnic of Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, 25350 Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia

  Abstract: The effect of adding fiber from SeraiKayu (Eugenia polyantha) waste in cracker was studied on organoleptic characteristic and sensory evaluation of cracker. Cracker prepared from SeraiKayu (Eugenia polyantha) waste containing different proportion of waste (2%, 4% and 6%) from two sources of waste, boiling and extraction of SeraiKayu (Eugenia polyantha) leaves. The crackers were evaluated for organoleptic characteristics and sensory evaluation. Statistical analysis revealed no significant differences (P <0.05) among formulations of the crackers for colour, firmness, saltiness and crunchiness characteristics. Meanwhile, the bitterness and aroma characteristics of the crackers were affected significantly with increasing levels of SeraiKayu (Eugenia polyantha) waste in crackers. In general, the crackers were accepted by the panelist during the sensory evaluation test and has potential as new source of fiber for use in high fiber products.

  Key words: Seraikayu, cracker, fiber

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