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The Effect of Rangeland Protection and Reseeding on Vegetation Attributes at Alazzazah Area, Blue Nile State, Sudan

Mohammed Ibrahim Abdelsalam, Nancy Ibrahim Abdalla, and Mohammed Abdelkreim
Department of Range Science, College of Forestry and Range Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan
Abstract: The study was carried out at Alazzazah area rangeland in Blue Nile State during the rainy season of 2015. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of protecting and reseeding on vegetation attributes on rangeland. It was selected two range sites for vegetation measurements in the area, one representing the protected site by enclosure and the other site in the open grazing area. The line transects, Parker loop and quadrate of 1m² size were used to determine the rangeland vegetation attributes. The data obtained were analyzed by using the SAS statistical program, paired t test. The study found that the protection and reseeding had a positive effect on the rangeland vegetation attributes. Results revealed that the plant cover, total plant density and biomass production of the protected site were significantly higher than an open range site. It could be concluded that protection and reseeding are an effective rangelands improvement practice for the low rainfall savannah ecosystem. Based on the present study, rangeland protection and reseeding are highly recommended to increase their productivity and control rangeland deterioration.
Key words: bare soil, species composition, cover, density, Alazzazah area and rangeland

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