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 Sprouting Value Index: A New Concept in Vegetative Propagation Trials Using Costus Pictus



Justin R. Nayagam
Department of Botany, Union Christian College, Mahatma Gandhi University, India
Abstract: The suitability of a vegetative planting material and its suitable sprouting/rooting medium can be determined using sprouting value index, which is developed in Costus pictus using its rhizome, aerial shoot cuttings and bulbils. Costus pictus the insulin plant is a native to Mexico and is a potential medicinal herb, but no published studies were found on cultivation. Field studies were carried out using five rooting medium at a location in Central Kerala, Peninsular India, during June 2011, July 2012 and June 2013. The results obtained indicate high SVI (sprouting value index) for aerial shoot cuttings planted in vermicompost (VC-53.6) and root trainers with coir pith compost (RTCP-51.3). The SVI max for rhizome-planting material was 23.38 in VC and that for bulbil was 13.93 in VC. In field trials, all planting materials gave elite performance in VC and CP planting medium. In 100 ppm IBA treated cuttings, SVI was highest in VC (70.4) and CP (66.57). Sprouting percentage was increased and the speed of completion of sprouting/rooting initiation decreased by the use of IBA treatment. Increased CWR, SUP and VP percentages indicate defects in management practices, dormancy and the genotype of the cultivar.
Key words: sprouting value index, planting material, Costus pictus, rooting media, sprouting

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